ARA Planning Table

Updated 22/01/2022 at 08:24

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
21/06139/HSE Pending Decision
Erection of single/two storey side extension and erection of single storey rear extension. Consultation ended 21/01/2022, Comments 0-1-0, Documents 4, Decision deadline 04/02/2022, Road, Map
21/04978/HSE Pending Decision
Removal of single storey rear and side extension, single storey garage and porch to be replaced with single storey rear extension, two storey side extension and new porch. Consultation ended 10/11/2021, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 4, Decision deadline 24/11/2021, Road, Map
Demolition of garage and erection of a two storey side extension, porch, hip to gable roof extension, roof lights in the front roof slope, dormer in the rear roof slope, alterations to patio and steps Consultation ends 06/02/2022, Documents 13, Decision deadline 11/03/2022, Road, Map
21/05689/HSE Pending Decision
Featherbed Lane
Erection of single/two storey front/side/rear extensions Consultation ended 12/12/2021, Documents 10, Decision deadline 07/01/2022, Road, Map
Decided Refused
Featherbed Lane
Formation of vehicular access
21/05773/HSE Decided Granted
Gravel Hill
Erection of single-storey rear extension. Documents 7, Road, Map
21/05710/HSE Pending Decision
Gravel Hill
Erection of a part one, part two side and rear extension Consultation ended 18/12/2021, Documents 7, Decision deadline 17/01/2022, Road, Map
20/00997/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Addington Palace
Gravel Hill
Retrospective application for the erection of entrance gates and post and chain perimeter fencing, association alterations Comments 11-0-0, Documents 13, Decision deadline 28/04/2020, Road, Map
L5240/W/21/ 3273082 Pending Decision
Addington Palace
Gravel Hill
<not provided> Appeal, Consultation ended 03/11/2021, Road, Map
21/00712/PA8 Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Land At Coombe Lane Junction Of Gravel
Gravel Hill
The installation of a new 15.0m column supporting 6 no antennas, together with ground-based equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto. Documents 44, Decision deadline 11/04/2021, Road, Map
21/05458/HSE Pending Decision
Lomond Gardens
Alterations and extension to existing single storey side extension. Consultation ended 12/12/2021, Documents 4, Decision deadline 24/12/2021, Road, Map
21/04391/HSE Pending Decision
Selsdon Park Road
Conversion of garage to habitable room; erection of a single-storey side/rear extension.
Consultation ended 30/09/2021, Document # changed 7, Decision deadline 01/11/2021, Road, Map