MORA Planning Table

Updated 04/04/2020 at 08:06

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
Ash Tree Way
Erection of hip to gable, erection of rear dormer, installation of 2 rooflights in front roofslope and installation of window in side elevation.
Document # changed 4, Decision deadline 26/05/2020, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Barnfield Avenue
Erection of first floor side extension
Fairhaven Avenue
(Re)Discharge of Condition 19 (floor levels) of planning permission 19/01761/FUL. Documents 3, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Fairhaven Avenue
Variation of Condition 1 (Planning Drawings) of approval 19/01761/FUL for various internal and external changes.
19/05648/NMA Pending Decision
Woodland House 18A
Fairhaven Avenue
Non material amendments to approval 19/01761/FUL (Internal alterations, replacement of french doors to rear of 3 x 3 bedroom houses with bi-fold doors, change to balcony at rear of apartments, new entrance to unit 2, reduction in number of rooflights to all units). Documents 5, Decision deadline 27/12/2019, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Lavender Way
Retrospective application for erection of single-storey rear extension and single-storey side extension.
Comments 0-0-2, Document # changed 7, Road, Map
20/00092/FUL Decided Refused
Orchard Avenue
Demolition of existing garage; erection of a two storey side extension, two storey rear extension, loft conversion with roof lights in the front roof slope and dormers in the rear roof slope, the construction of rear basement with terrace area and external staircase and alterations to the front vehicular access and boundary treatment. Conversion of single dwelling into 6 flats - 3 x 1 bedroom flat.... Comments 6-0-0, Documents 14, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Orchard Avenue
Demolition of the existing carport and the erection of a single storey front extension and part two storey, part single storey side extension and associated internal alterations for the conversion of the house into two flats.
Narrative updated, Comments 6-0-0, Document # changed 30, Road, Map
19/04183/FUL Pending Decision
Orchard Park High School
Orchard Way
Single storey side extension to allow the conversion of part of the existing school (D1 use class) into a communal/public gym (D2 use class) over two floors by way of a proposed mezzanine floor. External alterations and boundary treatment/hard and soft landscaping (Amended Description to include full extent of proposal). Consultation ended 19/02/2020, Comments 0-1-2, Documents 12, Decision deadline 08/11/2019, Road, Map
19/00908/FUL Pending Decision
Peter Kennedy Court 180
Orchard Way
Alterations and erection of 2x three storey extensions to Blocks B to provide 12x one bedroom and 3x two bedroom flats. Erection of a three storey detached building to provide 6x one bedroom flats between Blocks A and B. Provision of additional parking, cycle and refuse stores to include hard and soft landscaping works. Consultation ended 27/03/2019, Comments 2-1-0, Documents 44, Decision deadline 29/05/2019, Road, Map
19/06037/FUL Pending Decision
Shirley Road
Demolition of existing property. Erection of 2.5 storey (replacement) building comprising 9 residential flats with associated car/cycle parking, landscaping and waste stores. Consultation ended 26/02/2020, Comments 5-0-0, Documents 8, Decision deadline 30/03/2020, Road, Map
Decided Granted
The Glade
Details pursuant to the discharge of conditions 2 (materials), 3 (cycle storage), 5 (landscaping) and 7 (sustainable drainage) of planning application 18/05928/FUL for 'Erection of 2 x three bed semi-detached dwellings with associated access and parking. Formation of parking areas for 20-22 The Glade.
Narrative updated, Document # changed 6, Road, Map
20/01209/GPDO Pending Decision
The Glade
Erection of a single storey rear extension projecting out 4.5 metres from the rear wall of the original house with a height to the eaves of 3 metres and a maximum height of 3.5 metres Consultation ends 08/04/2020, Documents 3, Decision deadline 23/04/2020, Road, Map
20/00934/HSE Pending Decision
Valley Walk
Erection of single/two storey side/rear extension Consultation ended 01/04/2020, Documents 5, Decision deadline 23/04/2020, Road, Map
19/04149/FUL Decided Granted
Wickham Road
Erection of a two storey stepped, side and rear extension with alterations to the roof and additional rear dormer, retention of the existing commercial unit and construction of four additional self-contained apartments. Comments 5-0-0, Documents 20, Road, Map
20/00299/FUL Decided Withdrawn
Wickham Road
Demolition of existing ancillary buildings associated with the shop and erection of a new two storey building containing four dwellings Comments 1-0-0, Documents 17, Road, Map
20/01256/FUL Pending Decision
Land R/o 211
Wickham Road
Demolition of existing structures to the rear of 211 Wickham Road and erection of a two storey building containing four dwellings with associated alterations Consultation ends 15/04/2020, Documents 16, Decision deadline 11/05/2020, Road, Map
Decided Lawful-Accepted
Wilks Gardens
Erection of dormer in rear roofslope, removal of chimney stack and installation of 3 rooflights in front roofslope. Documents 4, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Woodmere Avenue
Details pursuant to the discharge of condition 2 (construction logistics plan), condition 3 (materials) and condition 12 (SUDs) of planning permission 19/00783/FUL for 'Demolition of the existing property and the erection of a replacement detached two storey building with accommodation in the roofspace, comprising 7 self-contained flats (2 x 1 bedroom, 3 x 2 bedroom and 2 x 3 bedroom) with 5 off s....