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Residents' Associations (RAs) that want to preserve their area from over or inappropriate development. They need to monitor planning applications at both the local and the appeal levels. The RA committee and the wider membership often take comfort from knowing that planning applications are being monitored, and place a value on clean and simple reports that show what planning applications are proposed within their area. Members want to know in good time if there are any unwanted development proposals so that objections can be written or campaigns activated to prevent/minimise the detrimental impact that excess building or poor design can have on a community and its infrastructure.

The process to monitor planning applications is complicated, time-consuming, and prone to many human mistakes. The various planning authorities do publish the status of all their planning applications, but none of them make it easy to understand the data and it can be very difficult to produce a consolidated report.

These problems have been resolved - Local Planning Apps is a web reporting service that will automatically monitor all planning applications within a defined area, and then provide a weekly report as a web page. The RA committee and its members can remain fully informed and can track all planning applications that occur in their area.

Local Planning Apps has a number of standard services that are designed and priced to meet the needs of the broad spectrum of RAs that require planning reports delivered to their committee and members. Please see the Services section for an explanation of the standard services.

To find out more about this service, or to subscribe to it, please provide details to Info@LocalPlanningApps.co.uk