Local Planning Apps



Local Planning Apps currently reports the status of planning applications and of appeals that relate to the London Borough of Croydon and the London Borough of Bromley. Other local councils will be available in the future.

Several standard services are available, and options are available that can be added to the standard services.

The standard services are detailed below.

Ideal for residents' associations (RAs) that do not currently provide planning related reports to their membership or who provide a very basic level of planning reporting.
Ideal for RAs that struggle to manually provide planning reports today; or who want to significantly improve the basic reports to their members after many hours of work. Silver is broadly equivalent to the very best planning reports that such an RA could provide to its members.
Gold & Gold+
Provide additional features that go far beyond what is practical for manually generated planning reports. These services are ideal for larger RAs, or ones with a strong planning focus.

The components of the services and the options are listed within the table below. Please click the demo buttons to see the planning table that can be provided within the services.

 1) Track new and existing local planning applications(Buildings) Yes Yes Yes Yes
 2) Track new and existing appeals Yes Yes Yes Yes
 3) Track new and existing enforcement appeals Yes Yes Yes Yes
 4) Weekly webpage report - easy to read search and sort Yes Yes Yes Yes
 5) Customised webpage Yes Yes Yes Yes
 6) Fixed web address for each update Yes Yes Yes Yes
 7) List of all roads that are being monitored Yes Yes Yes Yes
 8) Email notification to users when the planning table is updated Yes Yes Yes Yes
 9) Fast link to the planning application on the planning authority website no Yes Yes Yes
10) Highlight all new planning applications and all decisions no Yes Yes Yes
11) Report total number of comments recorded against each planning application* no Yes Yes Yes
12) Report when the narrative is updated no no Yes Yes
13) Provide up to 30 months of planning history for each address in your area no no Yes Yes
14) Provide up to 5 years of planning history for each address in your area no no no Yes
15) Report number of objectors, neutrals and supporters* no no no Yes
16) Highlight changes to number of comments* no no no Yes
17) Highlight changes to number of documents attached to the planning application* no no no Yes
18) Map - Area map Available Yes Yes Yes Yes
19) Map - Pop-ups Basic Intermediate Detailed Detailed
20) Map - History Current Planning Table Only Current Planning Table Only Upto 1 year Upto 3 years
21) Monitor secondary postcodes no Option Option Option
22) Add county level planning reports no Option Option Option
23) Add TPO (trees) monitoring no no Option Option
24) Provide each planning table update to a unique web address no no Option Option


Items marked * may not be available from all planning authorities