SRA Planning Table

Updated 11/07/2020 at 03:40

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
20/01889/FUL Decided Granted
Addington Road
Change of Use from Retail (A1 Use Class) into Professional and Financial Purposes (A2 Use Class)/Office (B1a Use Class). Documents 8, Road, Map
20/00144/FUL Decided Granted
Addington Road
Altetations, change of Use from Bank (Class A2) to Dental Practice (Class D1) and alterations to the shop front Comments 1-1-1, Documents 19, Road, Map
20/02221/LP Pending Decision
Addington Road
Change of use of the ground floor unit from a coffee and retail shop (Use Classes A1 and A3) to a bakery (Use Class A1). Documents 3, Decision deadline 22/07/2020, Road, Map
20/01761/FUL Pending Decision
Addington Road
Erection of extensions to rear of the existing building to provide a 2 bedroom dwelling with private amenity courtyard and additional refuse and cycle provision. Consultation ended 29/05/2020, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 18, Decision deadline 17/06/2020, Road, Map
20/02188/TRE Pending Decision
Albatross Gardens
Copper Beach - Crown thinning by 20% .Crown reduction by 2.5 to 3m and Crown raised to 5metres . (TPO 16, 1971) Documents 2, Decision deadline 29/07/2020, Road, Map
20/02259/TRE Pending Decision
Arundel Avenue
T1 Beech - crown reduce by 2 - 2.5m to previous reduction points to reduce encroachment onto the house. (TPO no.13, 1975) Documents 2, Decision deadline 06/08/2020, Road, Map
20/01783/HSE Pending Decision
Arundel Avenue
Conversion of the garage into habitable room. Construction of a front porch and single storey side extension. Consultation ended 18/06/2020, Documents 13, Decision deadline 18/06/2020, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Arundel Avenue
Non material amendment to application ref 19/01643/HSE for the erection of a first floor side extension, single storey rear extension, associated alterations
Narrative updated, Document # changed 4, Road, Map
20/00465/HSE Pending Decision
Boxford Close
Part garage conversion, erection of two storey side extension with new double garage, single storey front extension, front dormer, loft conversion with rear dormer windows, and a raised patio area to the rear. Consultation ended 03/06/2020, Comments 19-0-0, Documents 6, Decision deadline 30/03/2020, Road, Map
20/01836/LP Decided Lawful-Accepted
Courtlands Close
Alterations, roof extension and conversion of a garage into a habitable room Documents 16, Road, Map
20/00792/FUL Pending Decision
Dulverton Road
Erection of a three bedroom, detached, two-storey house with accommodation in the roof to land adjacent to existing semi-detached house. With associated parking, cycle and refuse storage. Consultation ended 18/03/2020, Comments 2-1-1, Documents 7, Decision deadline 14/04/2020, Road, Map
20/01502/FUL Pending Decision
Dulverton Road
Extension to the rear of the building with associated internal alterations at ground floor. Increase to the ridge height of the exsting roof to provide an extesnion at the first floor with internal alterations and the installation of a lift. Consultation ended 16/05/2020, Documents 23, Decision deadline 01/06/2020, Road, Map
20/01953/FUL Pending Decision
Farley Road
Demolition of existing dwellinghouse and the construction of a part-single- and part-four-storey building comprising 9 flats, with associated vehicle and cycle parking, refuse store, hard and soft landscaping. Consultation ended 27/06/2020, Comments 99-0-0, Documents 44, Decision deadline 22/07/2020, Road, Map
20/00810/HSE Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Foxearth Road
Erection of a first floor rear extension. Documents 6, Decision deadline 17/04/2020, Road, Map
20/02345/TRE Pending Decision
Greville Avenue
T1 - Silver Birch Tree - Reduce crown height down to 12m and reduce lateral limbs back to leave 4m and crown thin by 10-15%. - Works to bring the tree under management to maintain size and health of tree. (TPO 9 1976) Documents 2, Decision deadline 12/08/2020, Road, Map
20/01207/FUL Pending Decision
Amenity Land
Hawthorn Crescent
Erection of eight houses and reconfiguration of car parking, with associated landscaping and servicing Consultation ended 09/04/2020, Comments 70-0-0, Documents 40, Decision deadline 08/05/2020, Road, Map
Ingham Close
Erection of a two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and raised timber deck to rear. Documents 6, Decision deadline 17/08/2020, Road, Map
20/02060/FUL Pending Decision
Kingswood Way
Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a two storey 5 bedroom dwelling. Consultation ended 28/06/2020, Comments 0-2-0, Documents 12, Decision deadline 10/07/2020, Road, Map
20/02102/TRE Pending Decision
Martin Close
T1 & T2 x2 Cherries crown reduce by 1 - 2m to reduce encroachment onto the house. (TPO no 16, 1971) Documents 2, Decision deadline 22/07/2020, Road, Map
20/00293/TRE Pending Decision
Old Farleigh Road
T1: Unknown speciies - Removal of 2 branches which reach out towards my house. (TPO no. 16, 1971) Documents 2, Decision deadline 31/03/2020, Road, Map
20/01470/FUL Pending Decision
Old Farleigh Road
Demolition of existing bungalow and erect a terrace of 2 x three bedroom houses and 1 x two bedroom house with shared access and drive way using the existing entrance from Old Farleigh Road and 2 x one bedroom house to the rear accessed via the existing entrance and via under croft. Consultation ended 14/05/2020, Comments 10-0-0, Documents 18, Decision deadline 26/05/2020, Road, Map
20/02187/HSE Pending Decision
Quail Gardens
Demolition of existing single storey garage and erection of a single storey side extension. Consultation ended 10/07/2020, Documents 4, Decision deadline 20/07/2020, Road, Map
19/05476/HSE Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Ridge Langley
Erection of front dormer and internal alterations. Documents 13, Decision deadline 15/01/2020, Road, Map
L5240/D/20/ 3246073 Pending Decision
Ridge Langley
Erection of front dormer and internal alterations. Appeal, Road, Map
20/02068/TRE Pending Decision
Suffield Close
T1 Sycamore - Repollard back to previous original pollard points. T2 & T3 Silver Birch - overal crown reductions of 1m. (TPO no.104) Documents 2, Decision deadline 22/07/2020, Road, Map